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Healing with sounds and colors is an ancient tradition, for there are few applications, which can lead to such deep, meditative states of relaxation as quickly and effectively as a sound massage can. 
Together with Alexander Wunsch, the renowned physician and expert in the area of vibration medicine, IONTO-WELLITY Soundmotion has been able to successfully develop a comprehensive sound-wave treatment system, which enables the experience of every type of music on the basis of vibro-acoustic full body stimulation.

Adolescent vitality and resilience, health and satisfaction Impressive possibilities due to Vibro-Acoustic treatment system
IONTO-WELLITY Soundmotion works with special structure-borne sound converter systems, which are integrated in the lounge chair so that music is applied extensively to the entire body.
Thanks to a frequency range of up to about 500 Hz, not only the ear is stimulated, but also the sense of touch.
Depending on the frequency, various muscle groups and organ systems are caused to reverberate and the system of epicritic sensibility is stimulated in particular.
The individual setting of volume and sound (and therefore vibration) intensity can be comfortably adjusted via control dial directly on the lounge chair.
The possibility of connecting the IONTO-WELLITY Soundmotion System to the loudspeakers in the room offers a maximum experience via a “sandwich” sound effect.
Furthermore, the optimal sound package offers a selection of special music titles, which are aligned to the three treatment goals of the systematic vibro cymatic:

RELAX relaxation and regeneration,
BALANCE balance and harmonization,
ENERGIZE stimulating and energizing.


Item 8171-5001 Sound package with a music selection(Arndt Stein, GEMA free) for 3 application objectives:

BALANCE balance and harmonization,
RELAX relaxation and regeneration,
ENERGIZE stimulating and energizing
Item 8171.1 Sound Package Plus Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 37.0

For comfortable feed-in and control using a tablet. The Sound Package is installed directly on the tablet and can be immediately played. 


The introduction of the music titles in various genres enables a fast and targeted music
selection according to the desired application goal

Equipment features of the Vibro-Acoustic treatment system, SOUNDMOTION:

8 sound converters with 20 W (PMPO) amplifier each = 160 W (PMPO)
2 headphones with 10 W (PMPO) amplifier each = 20 W (PMPO)
Body zone and headphones separately adjustable via dials


Audio interfaces:
1 x 3.5 mm jack stereo input
1 x 3.5 mm jack stereo output (connection
to headphones, loudspeakers etc.)
Jack connector cable in white included
Blue tooth for wireless music streaming
Performance Data:
400 W, 100 – 240 VAC ~47 – 63 Hz


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