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With a spirit of avant-garde innovation, Christian BRETON focuses on targeted care for sensitive skin. The era of personalized skincare has arrived!

As early as the 1960s, Christian BRETON's mother, an outstanding scientist and geneticist, began scientific research on genes and skin quality, exploring how to thoroughly solve skin problems from a genetic level and help skin delay aging. Influenced by his mother from a young age, Christian BRETON was very interested in scientific research and skincare.

Deeply influenced by his mother, Christian BRETON ultimately decided to make skincare and makeup his lifelong career, inheriting and promoting his mother's scientific exploration spirit. In 1991, Christian BRETON launched the first eye care product, the Rose Soothing Eye Gel.

Going Global

Since the founding of the brand, Christian BRETON has been determined to enter the international market. Today, our products have been sold in over 50 countries around the world with excellent skincare effects.

With a commitment to perfection, professionalism, rigor, and technological innovation, Christian BRETON has always been dedicated to providing the safest and most effective skincare products.

Christian BRETON insists on tracking products from leaving the counter to the hands of customers, providing customers with the most professional and comprehensive skincare consultation and service. Today, Christian BRETON has entered major high-end department stores, cosmetics stores, and beauty salons around the world. With a service-oriented philosophy, Christian BRETON not only maintains close contact with retailers but also regularly organizes salesperson training to provide customers with the best service and products.

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