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As a leading distributor in the Beauty, Medical and Wellness market covering the Greater Chinese region, our clients have established us as a long-term reliable partner.

Combining our client’s expertise with our knowledge and experiences, we bring safe and clinically proven products and treatments to the market. 


The story began in the 1970s when Ms Irene Yip, our founder started in the beauty field. Back then, the professional beauty market was virtually non-existent in Hong Kong. Ms Yip quickly saw the opportunity of the growing industry.


During the early 80’s she established a small cosmetics shop to serve the developing market. A few years later, the professional salon market was booming in Hong Kong and Parlain was born in 1985 to become a professional skincare wholesaler in the region. 

Shortly after, Parlain had seen the needs for imported skincare products in neighbouring mainland China. She established Parlain (China) Ltd, as one of the first foreign-invested skincare wholesalers in the country.

Throughout the years, Parlain had brought innovative products from all over the world; the first skincare contains gold in the 80s, the first pure collagen mask in the 90s, the first mini IPL devices in the 00s; aside from the innovative products, our clients demanded only the best skincare brand available to the market.


We were appointed as the sole distributor by some of the largest professional skincare brands; Diego Dalla Palma Professional (RVB), YonKa, Christian BRETON as well as the largest German beauty equipment manufacturer Ionto Comed for Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland markets. 


Aside from the above brands, Matristar, the Star Grade collagen-based products had also chosen Parlain as their long term partner for over 30 years.

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