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Diego Dalla Palma Professional is a highly innovative Italian and international skincare and cosmetics brand, operating under the umbrella of Cosmetica S.r.l. With a rich history of research and development experience in the beauty, perfume, and pharmaceutical industries, the DDP team strives for constant improvement and innovation.

The company's research and development headquarters are located in Castel Guelfo, Bologna, and include cutting-edge laboratories, production lines, and logistics teams. The main office is based in Milan, the heart of Italy, with marketing departments in both Milan and Bologna.

DDP has two makeup studios, one in Milan and one in its Bologna headquarters, as well as a training center. The diego dalla palma research laboratory is always filled with innovative ideas, with new active ingredient formulations continually paving the way for the beauty industry.

Despite any obstacles or difficulties, the DDP team never slows down its progress. The company strongly believes that only the highest quality and purity of raw materials can create exceptional product formulations. With this unwavering commitment to excellence, DDP continues to stand out in the highly competitive skincare and cosmetics market.

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