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Discover the easiest body treatment

experience with Derma-T.


Introducing i.R.i.S.

Introducing i.R.i.S., the Intelligent Robotic Interactive System, a groundbreaking leap in beauty and wellness technology. i.R.i.S. is not just another beauty device; it's a holistic solution designed to redefine how we approach self-care. This innovative system seamlessly combines advanced artificial intelligence, cutting-edge robotic precision, and interactive treatments to provide a personalized and consistent beauty experience. With i.R.i.S., we're revolutionizing the way beauty treatments are delivered, offering unparalleled convenience, efficacy, and reliability. Welcome to a new era of self-care and beauty with i.R.i.S.


Personalized Precision

i.R.i.S. offers treatments tailored to individual needs, thanks to its advanced AI algorithms. Whether it's a relaxing RF massage or a therapeutic Hot Stone therapy, i.R.i.S. calculates the perfect path and pressure, ensuring each session is precisely attuned to your unique requirements.

Consistency and Reliability

Unlike human therapists, i.R.i.S. guarantees the same level of treatment quality with every visit. It doesn't get tired, take breaks, or have variations in technique. This unwavering consistency ensures you always receive the best possible care.


Effortless Beauty Experience

With i.R.i.S., beauty treatments have never been more convenient. It's available 24/7, meaning you can provide a relaxing session at longer revenue hours. Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and hello to a beauty routine that adapts to your salon.



We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Beauty Treatments

With i.R.i.S.'s advanced automation system, the beauty industry is embracing a transformative future. Our revolutionary technology empowers busy beauty centers to offer autonomous beauty treatments, ensuring consistent service quality with every visit.


By streamlining operations and reducing staff requirements, beauty salons can save costs while simplifying staff training. Beyond the salon's benefits, clients also enjoy an unprecedented level of convenience and reliability. i.R.i.S. is at the forefront of redefining the beauty experience by seamlessly merging tradition with innovation. Join us in this beauty revolution, where technology enhances the art of self-care.


We Deliver Exceptional Innovations


Experience the future with our groundbreaking 3+3 Sensing Technology, seamlessly merging 3D computer vision and 3D movement sensing. In the IRIS system, our 3D Vision System elevates precision and depth to a level that redefines therapy sessions. Utilizing advanced 3D computer vision, each treatment achieves a pinnacle of accuracy and effectiveness, establishing a new industry standard.

3D body-1.png


The i.R.i.S. robot ensures a consistent treatment experience with uniform intensity, pressure, and duration on every visit. This feature is particularly advantageous for individuals seeking regular therapeutic treatments, guaranteeing the consistency and effectiveness of each session. With i.R.i.S., you can rely on a reliable and unchanging wellness experience, tailored to your specific needs.

Muscle massage

i.R.i.S. delivers targeted therapy to alleviate muscle discomfort. It employs a soft tissue massage technique to reduce tension and enhance blood circulation in specific muscle regions through focused massage, resulting in pain relief and improved mobility in tight and sore muscles.

i.R.i.S. precisely applies pressure to acupoints, effectively releasing muscle knots and alleviating acute pain. Its deep tissue penetration aids in pain relief and promotes local blood flow, supporting healing and reducing inflammation. Furthermore, muscle tension release eases pressure on joints and nerves, contributing to pain alleviation.

Robot arm

WHY i.R.i.S?

A revolutionary approach, using a new method of treatment.

Human beauty therapists rely primarily on their skills and techniques to deliver treatments, whereas an AI beauty robot utilizes advanced algorithms and technology to provide personalized and effective beauty treatments.

With AI technology, the robot can analyze the client's body and target specific areas, offering a more tailored and effective beauty treatment.

i.R.i.S Benefits

More Revenue

New Tech, Attracts customers

Cost Saving

Less staff, less cost

Easy Management

Manage equipment vs Manage human

More availability

No breaks, no day off

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