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The MATRISTAR Star Professional Mask Series

The MATRISTAR Star Professional Mask Series, marked with a 12 stars symbol, guarantees quality, purity, and hygiene. All products are manufactured in Germany using advanced instruments and rigorous aseptic individual packaging, ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the MATRISTAR Star Professional Mask Series.

Medskin Solutions Dr.Suwelack, a German company, has developed a process to extract natural collagen from the dermis of cowhide. This natural collagen is highly compatible with human collagen, making it easily absorbed by the skin. Collagen contains a rich amount of amino acids and peptides.

The collagen is extracted from the neck skin of small cows using a dry and refrigerated process. Each mask is individually sealed and does not contain fragrances, preservatives, or chemical dyes. The natural and pure ingredients are about 1mm thick for optimal effectiveness.

In addition, there is a 3D mesh mask that provides strong repair effects. Multiple additional ingredients are available to design flexible treatments for different skin types. All products are made by the original German manufacturer, Medskin Solutions Dr.Suwelack, providing confidence and assurance.

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