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Cosmetics,Wellness,Massage,Full Body

With its outstanding features revises requirements for increased versatility and multifunctionality couches.

It is perfect for Wellness and spa areas, cosmetic procedures on the face and body, and ideal for massage.

A new generation of fully automated couches series WELLNESS: Extremely elegant, supremely comfortable and ergonomic!


Steep back positioning
This unusually wide adjustment angle of the seat back ensures an extremely comfortable treatment spectrum:
The seat back can be adjusted by up to 70 degrees resulting in an upright position, e.g. for consultations, the application of make-up or treatment of the leg / foot enables.

This position provides excellent support and convenient and effortless mounting and dismounting, especially for elderly and handicapped customers


Vertical height adjustment ergonomic, elegant, functional.
Ionto Wellness Treatment TablesThe raising and lowering of the bed surface is absolutely vertical.


This enables you to maintain your position during treatment even if you correct the height of the table.
When the height is adjusted, the decorative element is moved up along with the table top and exposes the base of the bed.

The base is indented on the longitudinal sides enabling perfect access to the treatment zone.
Furthermore the bed also makes a harmonious, compact and very elegant impression even when set to the highest treatment position.

Extendable support for hands:
Hand support can be lowered down to 15 cm, and can optionally also advancing up to 12 cm ahead.
Extreme position backrest unusually wide range of variation of the angle of the backrest allows you to use the couch IONTO-WELLITY STARLIGHT dlya any of the procedures in the beauty parlor. The angle of inclination of the backrest can be adjusted to 70 degrees, i.e. set back almost to the vertical position 


Legroom all roundIonto Wellness Day Spa Treatment Tables:
The free legroom of 40 cm ensures easy access to the couch even when seated on a chair.


Customizable design:
individual freedom The standard trim is always in plastic white and can be configured with different side trims. The couch may also be fitted with integrated lighting. Different designs may be possible on request.


Elegant trim:
The complete full trim ensures that the bed is not only elegant but also very hygienic. The steel parts of the armrests,cushion support and lifting construction are elegant and disguised with robust and easy to clean plastic.


SKU: 8170
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