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Introduce your skin to a new regimen, featuring products chosen specifically for dehydrated skin. Eau Micellaire, the waterless cleanser, fully removes dirt and makeup with anti-aging and anti-free radical effects. Lotion Yon-Ka PS, an iconic product in the Yon-Ka collection, tones the complexion to optimize the effects of your regimen, while Hydra No1 Crème comforts the skin and prevents visible signs of aging due to dehydration. This low-cost kit allows you to try some of the best of what Yon-Ka has to offer and is also great for travel. 
Soothe dry skin with this kit that targets signs of aging related to dehydration


SKU: 38803
  • In the morning and evening, apply the Eau Micellaire to your face, eyes and lips using a soft cotton ball. Apply again until the cotton ball is completely clean. No rinsing necessary. To remove make-up from your eyelids and eyelashes, leave the cotton ball on for a moment to help product absorption and to facilitate the removal of make-up. Then, spray on Lotion Yon-Ka and finish by applying Hydra No1 Crème to the face and neck.

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