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From face masks at 4am to a $500 moisturizer, Martha Stewart, 73, reveals the secrets behind her age

Martha Stewart has at last offered an insight into the rigorous beauty and health regime that helps her to maintain such a youthful appearance.

Interestingly, the 73-year-old admitted that her seemingly ageless complexion does take a fair amount of work each and every day - starting off with a 4am wake-up call.

'I spend anywhere from seven to 30 minutes getting my face and hair ready each morning,' she told 'This doesn't include the time I spend doing advance prep like my daily face mask, which I apply at 4 am, and I use hand cream with gloves.'

Age is just a number: Martha Stewart, 73, follows a strict skincare regime in order to maintain her complexion

Martha added that she follows up her early morning Yon-Ka Gommage mask with a strict skincare routine, starting with the Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap and ending up with the $525 Cle De Peau La Crème.

The TV host's choice of pricey products caused a stir among her fans, many of whom were less than enthusiastic about the prospect of having to spend so much money on a face cream in order to replicate Martha's youthful appearance.

'Only $525 for a jar of her daily moisturizer? I think I'll age like a regular person, thanks,' one reader commented, while another added: 'Ladies, save your [money], I'm married to a dermatologist.

'It's 50 per cent genetic and 50 per cent staying out of the sun, avoiding alcohol, exercising, and eating well.'

Luckily however, not all of Martha's favorite beauty products come with quite the same hefty price tag.

'I always have Johnson's Baby Oil in my medicine cabinet,' she added.

'At night, I wash my face really well, because I have to have my makeup done a lot. Johnson's Baby Oil with a warm washcloth is one great way to take it off.

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