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IONTO comfort Xtension 5M
A treatment table can not offer a more professional comfort - perfectly matched to each customer need and your treatment options, through the innovative seat depth adjustment!

Multifunction talent IONTO comfort Xtension 5M
IONTO COMFORT Xtension is hard to beat in the function and comfort it offers.
your customers will be amazed with the feel and comfortl thanks to exceptional seating adjustments.

The IONTO COMFORT Xtension treatment comfort is made possible by the convinent fully automatic treatment unit, which consist of 5 individual motors, controling the , seat angle, seat extension, backrest, footrest and the heigh,t perfectly for your clients / patients.
The low height offers easy mounting for yoyr client/patients and the height range offers you or staff perfect ergonomics.

Unique innovative advantage
Your client can adjust the seat depth by a touch of a button on the armrest.
The seat surface can be varied by 10 cm.

From the treatment chair massage table
The IONTO comfort Xtension you can bring about the remote control comfortably in a flat position and thus perform massages. The fold-down armrests are padded on both sides and the top part can You take off by 12 cm, so you can offer your customers enough comfort even in the lying position.

A treatment table - a match for any claim
The IONTO comfort Xtension is available in different equipment and can thus be adapted to your needs be. In our shop You can mount the base model order directly.

The basic model consists of:

  • Manual operation with standard remote control
  • Fixed footrest
  • Classic padding
  • upholstered cushion white
  • Manual operation
  • Padding, Upholstery & Control Options


庫存單位: 8460
  • Maximum seat height: 98 cm
    Seat height: 53 cm
    Height adjustment: 45 cm
    Back adjustment: 81°
    Back length: 52 cm
    Seat angle adjustment: 25,5°
    Footrest adjusment: 45° (fi xed footrest)
    Footrest extendable: up to 90°
    Padding width: 82 cm incl. armrests
    Additional equipment: padding tempered

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