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The IONTO-PEEL is a must in cubicle treatment for professional skin cleansing and peeling.

Brush cleaning
The rotating brush removes make up more quickly and thoroughly, as it is possible by hand and offers everything the customer desires: Gentle massage and delicately cleaned skin through to the pores.

Brush peeling
The certified beauty filament bristles of the IONTO COMED peeling brushes remove excess skin cells and cornification quickly, thoroughly and without any acids. Circulation will be stimulated in a natural way and the skin will be perfectly prepared for absorbing subsequent care products.

Lightweight hand piece, proven technology, constant speed - even with pressure on the brush, in nitely adjustable with touch display, extensive accessories available.


Please order your required accessories, such as brushes and grindstones, separately.


庫存單位: 8826-8312
  • Electrical connection: 230 V/50-60 Hz
    Dimensions W / H / D: 19 cm / 6.6 cm / 17.3 cm
    Weight: about 1 kg
    Speed: 20 bis 600 U/min

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