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The new Galvano treatment for deep skin regeneration and massage

Thanks to their extremely high conductivity, GALVANETICS press active substances into the tissue and massage the skin at the same time.
Thanks to their bio-compatible treatment surfaces (medically tested), they are suitable even for the most sensitive skin.
For deep penetration, two GALVANETICS are used together with the GALVANETICS Ultimate Youth Serum.
After the serum has been carefully worked into the deepest layers of skin, the active substances contained it remain deposited in the skin. You will develop a slow-releasing, long-lasting effect and nourish the skin from inside out!


庫存單位: 8826-8210

  • Electrical connection: 230 V / 50-60 Hz
    Dimensions W / H / D: 19 cm / 6.6 cm / 17.3 cm
    Weight: about 1 kg

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