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For deep-acting, effective treatment 2 medium-frequency currents in the treatment area overlaid, so that a low-frequency modulation (interference) occurs, and react to the muscles with a contraction. The muscle activation is smooth and soft and is very well agreeable.

Effect: Promotion of diffusion processes in the cells, anti-inflammatory effect and promotes regeneration.


• Smoothing of wrinkles, skin regeneration
• Firming and toning the muscles
• Activation of the lymph and blood circulation
• Activation of fat metabolism, treatment of cellulite
• Relaxation and rejuvenation, detoxification Holistic Treatment
The IONTO-LIFT effect continues with its profound effect at the point where aging processes occur: A  supporting structure is built from the inside out - for a holistic regenerated skin! The treatment is suitable for all skin types and is done without irritation of the epidermis.

Targeted training without stress
The muscles are tightened and lifted, lymph transport and fat metabolism activated. Individual fatty deposits, which alone do not want to disappear through sporting activity will be processed directly and

Treatment made easy
From lifting, toning, detoxification and cellulite to targeted relaxation: 

With IONTO-LIFT effect you have already integrated and perfectly coordinated treatment programs available for face and body!



SKU: 84237

  • Electrical connection: 100-240 V
    Dimensions W / H / D: 37.5 cm / 17 cm / 26 cm
    Weight: 7.5 kg

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